Who are we:

We are leaders in the diesel Bakkie & SUV market in South Africa, producing the highest quality, smoke free, safe software upgrades.

Research & Development :

We put a huge amount of time and resources into our R&D on software development, vigorous Dyno testing under different load, temperature and fuel conditions, making sure to always have the perfect Air fuel ratio, leaving our clients with a powerful yet still efficient vehicle, making power the reliable way.

First to work on:

We strive to always be the first to be able to work on newly released vehicles, we work in conjunction with industry leading tool & software developers, constantly testing new protocols and finding ways to unlock new ECUs, this gives our dealers early access to new protocols & software versions, keeping us ahead of the market.

Tuning tools we work with:

We only work with genuine tuning equipment, brands we currently support, PCM Flash, Bitbox, Alientech Kessv2, Ktag, Kessv3, Magic Flex & X17, Autotuner, TGFlash in this industry it’s not possible to have only one tool that does it all, therefore we are constantly buying and testing new equipment, finding ways to be faster, safer.

All our deletes are tested:

All our DPF/EGR/CAT/AdBlue delete solutions are tested, we make sure our clients only need to have deletes done once.

Our support:

Our support is exceptional, with highly trained and experienced staff who will give you sound advice, we are just a phone call away.